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Camryn Ochoa Thortan , United States

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About me

I love being myslef and i love my family. I get good grades i also work very hard for what i have and i loe school!!!! i will always be there for my family when they need me or any of my friends. I love children i think they are so cute and cudolly. I am a person that has a big hart and i love my world!!!!


In my Lifestyle is I love to hang out with my family and watch movies.I love going to school and see all my friends and have a great time leaning and getting good grades. I think my life style is great i try to make the best of my life !


I listen to all kinds of music it does not matter what kind just as to be music that as a good beet to it and you can jam to it and not be so boring.on the other hand I just like music that you can jam out to!

Movies and TV:

I watch alot of TV but not to much, my favorite channels on TV are Disney Channel and MTV I also like watching Vh1and E!one last one that I dont really watch is Nick. I have alot others but cant name them !


I dont play any sports yet because of school and alot of homework but a sport that I would like to still play is cheerleting and fill the great breaze go throw your hair when your in the air.


Im not a art prerson i dont pay to much information to art because it is just not my style. i do not do arting only if i am at school and if i am forst to do art. So pritty much it is not my thing, it is to boring and I have no paytons for art.


I am a girl who is very sencitive and is very imotinale and does not have alot of patins.I get very good grades and is a smart girl. I hate when people talk about me bahind my back it is just so rood to do something like that if they didnot do it to you.


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